April 14-17, 2014; Department of Optics, Faculty of Science, Palacký University
17. listopadu 12, Olomouc, Czech Republic


Gregor Weihs: Photon sources and the foundations of quantum mechanics
Miroslav Ježek: Experimental quantum information processing at the Department of Optics
Morgan W. Mitchell: “Spin squeezing” for photons
Maria Chekhova: Towards single-mode source of bright squeezed vacuum
Karol Bartkiewicz: Qubit amplifiers
Julien Laurat: Entangling particle-like and field-like optical qubits
Ulrik L. Andersen: Hybrid optical systems
Christoph Marquardt: A closer look at quantum states: From “classical entanglement” to single mode single photon sources
Fabio Sciarrino: Boson sampling with integrated photonics
Marco Bellini: Hybrid quantum-classical entangled states
Vitus Haendchen: From squeezing to quantum networks
Boris Hage: Things to do with squeezed light
Benjamin Brecht: Ultrafast integrated quantum optics
Vincenzo D’Ambrosio: Orbital angular momentum qudits in quantum information and fundamental quantum mechanics
Jun-ichi Yoshikawa: Storage and on-demand release of single photons by means of concatenated cavities


C. Baune, A. Schönbeck, A. Samblowski, J. Fiurášek, and R. Schnabel: Frequency Up-Converted Single Photons
M. Förtsch, G. Schunk, J.U. Fürst, D.V. Strekalov, T. Gerrits, M.J. Stevens, F. Sedlmeir, H.G.L. Schwefel, S.W. Nam, G. Leuchs, Ch. Marquardt: A versatile single mode photon source
O. Morin, K. Huang, J. Liu, H. Le Jeannic, J. Ruaudel, C. Fabre, J. Laurat: Single-photon Heralded Generation of Non-gaussian Resources
T. Sh. Iskhakov, V. C. Usenko, R. Filip, I.V. Dyakonov, S.P. Kulik, M. V. Chekhova, and G. Leuchs: Quantum state engineering
O. Morin, K. Huang, J. Liu, H. Le Jeannic, C. Fabre, J. Laurat: Remote creation of hybrid entanglement between particle-like and wave-like optical qubits
K. H. Luo, H. Herrmann, S. Krapick, B. Brecht, R. Ricken, V. Quiring, H. Suche, W. Sohler and C. Silberhorn: A integrated single-mode single photon pairs with narrow bandwidth
M. Mraz, J. Sperling, W. Vogel, and B. Hage: Quantification of nonclassicality
C. S. Jacobsen, L. S. Madsen, V. Usenko, U. L. Andersen, and R. Filip: Quantum Key Distribution using Squeezed States of Light
T. Serikawa, J. I. Yoshikawa, K. Makino, and A. Furusawa: Broadband Squeezed State Generated in Ring-shaped Optical Parametric Oscillator


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Photos from Photons Beyond Qubits 2014: Workshop on Quantum Information Processing in Olomouc